Bagatelle Monte-Carlo is a renowned Mediterranean restaurant based in Monte Carlo, France. Elites from Monaco and different parts of the World are now regulars in this restaurant.

Bagatelle combines different kinds of indulgences thanks to great DJs who contribute to the festive ambiance of the restaurant, and a great chef who used to work in collaboration with the famous Christian Willer and Jean-Yves Leuranguer: Rocco Seminara’s skills have been used to create the fanciest meals.
Freddy Araneo, director of Bagatelle, is a meticulous young manager and the reason of its success. He is mentioned in one of the columns of the famous food critic Gilles Pudlowski.

What we did and still do for Bagatelle Monte-Carlo:

  • Benchmark ;
  • Digital stratgy ;
  • Advertising campaigns ;
  • Analysis.

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