#NorthAmerica #Quebec #Europe #WhatNoToDo #HashtagDownwardSpiral who hasn’t seen similar hashtags been used?

To my dismay, not me… Hence the article.

Jokes aside. Many are those who misuse hashtags on social (media) networks.

Let’s talk seriously about hashtags, its usefulness and its use on the main social (media) networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The points of hashtags:

Hashtags have many perks, but here are 2 of the most important in my opinion.

  1. The hashtag as a way to catch your target’s attention:
  2. As I like to say in my role as Main Advisor in digital communications and web strategies at the Québec Liberal Party:

    “A tweet without a hashtag is like a letter without a recipient.”

    In fact, a hashtag is, first and foremost, the way to reach your target in regards of a discussion about a specific subject. For example, #compol is the exchange place for every political communication professional and enthusiast on Twitter.

  3. The hashtag as an instrument to gather content
  4. It’s important to create a hashtag for an event or a group of events, so that participants can share their thoughts, comments and photos.

    But it’s necessary, in my opinion, to always think in the long run and make it in a way that hashtags can be reused and become a content collector. That’s the reason why I suggest to take off every time marks.

    For example, I have established the use of #RDVLibéral to replace the multiple transitory hashtags that have been created for Québec Liberal Party’s unique events. Therefore, #RDVLibéral is now a place where photos and comments of liberal militants are durably classified.

The good use of hashtags

  1. Don’t use too many hashtags
  2. On Twitter, it’s important to use hashtags to improve the efficiency of your messages, but using more than 3 hashtags can decrease your target’s engagement, thus the amount of retweets. Therefore, use them with balance.
    The effects of Hashtags on engagement rates

    Interestingly enough, the opposite happens on Instagram, where posts with the highest number of hashtags are the most popular.

  3. Don’t use hashtags on Facebook
  4. On Facebook, it’s better not to use hashtags altogether, because it has been proven that it damages the engagement rates of your followers, and subsequently your visibility in the long term.


  5. Give priority to popular hashtags
  6. Don’t forget that the main point of your hashtags is to send messages to the right people – your targeted public – so that it gets as much engagement as possible and increase your visibility. It goes without saying that if you create your own hashtag, the possibility of reaching people are little, not to say useless.

    Before you tweet, research on the best hashtags related to your subject.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need recommendations or some help to analyse your social (media) network. Stratégie LG is there to help you define an effective strategy that will make you send your messages to the right people and make your notoriety or your party’s grow.