How would you like to gain more followers on Instagram? Having a lot of followers on Instagram can be seen as both an assurance of reliability and impossible for a great number of internet users. Some people who are rushed and don’t really understand social media may be tempted to buy followers. This should be avoided as it is a big mistake; it will ruin one’s brand credibility and the expansion of one’s notoriety. As a matter of fact, when people see a Facebook page, an Instagram or a Twitter account that has thousands of followers but very few interactions (likes, retweets, etc.), they will realise that this community isn’t of good quality. And a non-engaging community equals non-existent visibility.

However, rapidly increasing your number of quality followers (fans) is doable. Thanks to the founder of Stratégie LG’s strategy, he got more than 1,000 followers in 3 months and got an average engagement rate 4 times higher than before. In his case, this growth allowed him to gain in visibility.

Today, we are going to tell you all about this strategy.

1. Set your account

The first step in gaining followers is having a professional and tidy Instagram account. Complete the fields such as your name and logo/photo in order for them to reflect your content. Make sure to have a captivating description including a call-to-action that will motivate people to subscribe. If you happen to have a website or a social media account; add the address.

2. Post quality content

As we all know, Instagram mostly exists for the sole purpose of publishing beautiful pictures. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, the main element that is going to be seen and that will convince people to follow you is your photos. Therefore, it is essential to publish quality content – in terms of technique and aesthetics. Your photos have to be professional and high resolution. Forget about blurry or not interesting pictures taken with a bad camera. You can also edit your photos with VSCO, a partially free tool.

If you want to have a similar pattern on your account, use the same filter and colour coding for all your edited content.

3. The importance of hashtags, geolocations and tags

Hashtags and geolocation on your photos are more than fundamental because people will mostly land on your account thanks to them. You ought to use hashtags that are related to your field of activity and the interests you post about.
In order to identify the best hashtags to use, go to <href=”; target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”> The free version let you know all the popular hashtags and the ones correlated to the subject of your photo. Keep in mind that a popular hashtag will be researched a lot more but your content may get lost in the enormity of posts: go for a mix of popular hashtags and more specific ones (you can see the number of posts identified with the hashtag directly on Instagram when you’re publishing a photo)

The free tool informs you of all the hashtags that got you the most likes and the hours that have been the most engaging – you can then recreate what worked for you. Unlike Twitter where you shouldn’t use more than 3 hashtags, studies revealed that Instagram posts containing more than 11 hashtags obtained a greater engagement rate. Be careful though, Instagram limits the number of featured hashtags up to 15 or 30 – depending on the type of your account. Run some tests and find out the limit, but don’t forget to save your text before hitting “share” because you might lose it if you’ve put too many hashtags.

As for the location, use the name your target’s city – rather than the company itself. It will attract a lot more users from your catchment area.

Tag the influencers in your field. They might repost your content and it will give you better visibility. Your picture will appear in their tagged photos as well. For example, in the case that you’ve just opened a new coffee shop in London, a lot of accounts are dedicated to pretty london coffee shops. Do not hesitate to investigate on these influencers, because they can be a major asset.

4. Follow the right people

This step is truly the one that will give a boost to your number of followers, considering that you have followed the previous advice.

In the search bar, look for personal and professional accounts that roughly publish the same content as you, that have a great number of followers and a very good engagement rate (ratio of the number of followers to the number of people interacting on each photo – likes, comments, etc.)

Once you have found them, follow their active followers. If you do not wish to follow some people, simply interact with them by liking or commenting their pictures. It will attract many users to your account and they will follow you if your content is unique and of high quality.

This technique demands a lot more time than paying 5 euros for 500 followers but it will grant you (better) visibility for free.

5. Regularly post, at the right time

Just like Millenials, Instagram users get quickly tired and they need constant change. In that case, social media can basically be compared to fast-food restaurants. People want to be impressed, quickly and effortlessly, but they don’t want be drowned in content.

You have to publish regularly in order to keep the clients/followers entertained and interested, but remember that quality prevails over quantity. If you post several pictures a day, it’s very likely that you would lose more followers than you would gain. Why is that so? Because, what is rare is valuable (economics 101), but also because in posting too much you’d bore your audience.

As for the posting time, it will mostly depend on your target. If you work in the catering business, your pictures should probably be posted before breakfast/lunch/dinner time. If you manage a nightclub – post after 6pm. Anyway, publishing during rush-hour; in the morning before work, during the lunch break, or in the evenings is the safe bet. Just like Facebook, Instagram will promote your content if it has collected a great number of interactions quickly. And this won’t be possible if you post at a time where no one is online.

If you don’t have the time to post at the right hours, some tools like Buffer (free) and Sprout Social (charged) let you create, plan and automatically publish your photos.

In the event that you hit a wall, I suggest you to repost content from your followers that have taken pictures of your company. This will improve your relationship with them and also give you a better reputation. Be creative and altern different types of posts (videos, photos, promotions, contests, quotes)

6. Share your account

The best way to gain followers and to be social media famous is promotion. In fact, if you wish to expand your community on Instagram you have to inform your customers by cross promoting your Instagram account. To do so, several options are available: include your username in your digital, print and point of sale marketing campaigns, dedicate a sidebar for your account on your business card, add your Instagram in your email signature or newsletter, wisely share your username on your social media and website… the possibilities are endless.

7. Use stories

The brand-new (well, not that new) Instagram tool enables you to publish ephemeral content, just like Snapchat. Stories usually have great visibility.

Seize the occasion and record live videos, some “behind the scenes” content of your company or promote limited offers. By activating the geolocation and using hashtags, you will not only gain followers but also immediate customers.

8. Make your descriptions unique

Instagram is a highly visual social network and you can stand out from your competitors by customizing your descriptions. Tell an anecdote, ask questions, share unique content. This will be your added value and will make you gain high-quality and interactive followers.

Write your descriptions in several languages if your target is international.


Thanks to these eight tips, you will surely observe some great change in your followers progression.

Use this strategy and do not go for the easy option that is buying followers. They won’t give you anything, won’t like your pictures and won’t convert into clients. If you wish to discuss your social media strategy, contact us right now.

Photo: Designed by natanaelginting / Freepik