• Based somewhere between Québec (Montréal, Canada) and the French Alps (Gap, France)
  • When he is not on the computer, he is probably skiing or on a bike
  • Has a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and a Masters in International and Public Affairs (political sciences) with emphasis on political communication and journalism
  • Doesn’t do things by half

I am a bilingual Franco-Canadian man, born in the Hautes-Alpes, France. ⛰
Born and raised near Saint-Bonnet-en-Champsaur and its numerous ski resorts, I moved to Saint-Zénon, Québec, Canada at the age of 13. I now divide my time between my home countries; France (the Alps) and Canada (Québec).

In the span of six years, I have spent thousands of hours researching the best practices and techniques to increase one’s notoriety and online sells. Since 2013, I use my skills and my passion for communication to increase the visibility of the congressmen and ministers from the Parti libéral du Québec (Quebec Liberal Party). I have spent countless hours advising companies and I hired some extremely talented Service Providers. That’s how Stratégie LG – Marketing and Communication was born : a new generation agency, focusing on quality work rather than quantity. The company is composed of flexible and passionate freelancers based all over the globe : in Canada, not far from Montréal; in France, near Gap in the French Alps; and in England, around London.

For more information about my background, visit my LinkedIn profile.

Skills and proposed services

➤ Social Media (SMO)
➤ Digital Strategy
➤ Website Creation
➤ Online Commerce (E-commerce)
➤ Public Relations (PR)
➤ Graphic Design
➤ Search Engine Optimization
➤ Publicity and Promotion
➤ Marketing Intelligence

The only thing that tells Impossible and Possible apart is 2 letters and a state of mind. ― Charles De Gaulle