In the last decades, we have witnessed the digital boom. Entrepreneurs and politicians have now realised that a communications strategy had to include a web strategy in order to attract new clients, establish a relationship with them and retain them.
Social media and websites are at the core of any digital strategy. Hence the creation of new (and various) tools making communicators’ and marketers’ jobs easier. They are essential in the development of an activity because they participate in the growth of one’s visibility, they measure the rentability of current and previous strategies and can help adjusting them.

At Stratégie LG, we have gathered the best – free or offering a free trial – tools in terms of communications and digital marketing. We want you to receive them via email.

These tools will enable you to:

  1. Create your content (imagery or text)
  2. Adjust your digital strategy
  3. Measure how well are performing your communications plans
  4. Identify the best keywords and hashtags in order to improve your visibility
  5. Have an overview of all positive aspects of your SEO (search engine optimisation) and suggest you some improvements that can be done on your website so that it is better ranked in search engines
  6. Optimise your web strategies in order to gain followers and increase customer loyalty
  7. Gain time by automatically publishing content on social media at the best times

In the end, these tools will help you take things up a notch, improve your visibility and your income. Do not wait any longer, we will send them to you directly via email once you have completed your registration.