Making past the 42nd Google Search results page is both a dream and a goal to you?

Every good website’s SEO (search engine optimization) must be supported by a global and coherent strategy, which also means hours of work. The goal is to make your website the most recommendable as possible according to search engines.

Did you know, for example, that social networks (also known as social media) can play a strategic role in your organic ranking?
We suggest you that we work together, you and we – Stratégie LG’s team, and that we make your website noticeable by your prospects.

What we can do for you:

► Website creation ;
► Competitors analysis (Benchmark) ;
► Analysis and optimization of your website ;
► Global and consistent strategy creation ;
► Research and content writing ;
► And much more…

This service is available from 300€ per month. If you website has already been created and that you only need Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our hourly rate is 50€. Wait no longer and contact us.