A great deal of people think that social media and communication in general are not that complicated. And the result is: bad buzz.

What did you say? €500 for a digital strategy? That’s way too expensive. My 15 year-old knows everything there is to know about the internet. He even has a Facebook page. I’m gonna ask him. He’s good at it.

This kind of attitude sounds familiar to you? Likewise… A great deal of people think that social media, communication and marketing in general are not that complicated, that young people are good at it since they were born with a computer in-between their hands (digital native). This can be illustrated by the fact that lots of companies entirely delegate their digital communication to interns.

On Thursday 26 october 2017, 10:48am, I was peacefully scrolling through my Facebook feed when I suddenly saw this odd ad.

Unsettling 😳, right?

It took me several minutes to realise that it was not a joke.
The answer (full of grammar and spelling errors) from the agency established that it was “for real”. The bad buzz that was created also was, and the comments from the agency were extremely awkward.

Commentaire de gestion de crise ( bad buzz )

Two people are to blame for this bad buzz

1- The agency, which clearly lacks skills in this field and should have hired someone,
2- The client, who wanted complex but cheap content.

Some people would say: there’s no such thing as bad buzz, as long as people talk about me. What I can assure you is that, the 200,000 people who have seen the video now think less of this communications agency and this top-of-the-range establishment.

Anyway, communication and marketing are often seen as jobs that everyone could do, like a child’s play. Don’t fall for it. Worst-case scenario; bad buzz is waiting for you, best-case scenario; below-average performance and wasted time.

There is a saying that goes “it takes (invested) money to make money”.

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